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Freedom of Mobility!
How to Use Tasyong

  1. Find
    Download Tasyong app & sign up.
  2. Scan QR Code
    Scan QR code on the lock to use a bike.
  3. Ride
    Have a safe Tasyong ride to your destination.
  4. Return
    Park Tasyong and lock in the return area. Tap the return button in the app.

Ride Tasyong

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    Wear a Helmet
    Always wear a helmet
    for safe riding.
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    Check Bike
    Before renting Tasyong,
    check if the bike is in good condition.
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    Return in the Service Area
    Check the returning
    spot from the app.
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    Proper Parking
    Make sure the parked
    bike does not block the street.
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    No Personal Use
    Do not park Tasyong in private parking
    lots or inside houses.
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    Obey Traffic Signals
    Always follow traffic signals.
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    No Drunken Riding
    Drunken riding is also subject
    to punishment by law.
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    Discouraged Use of Earphones
    Listening to music with earphones increases the risk of accidents.
Riding together is dangerous

How to Use Tasyong

Too far to walk,
too near to take a bus?
Then, use Tasyong.

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